Who are we?

Proud to be alongside wonderful people, ready to help you and to team up with you for the achievement of future goals

Of each of my truffles I know the origin, the way in which it was collected, the story that its incomparable scent tells me. This is why I am happy to present my products to you in person, many gifts of the earth picked with care and in full respect of the natural balance.

Rooted for centuries in the heart of Umbria, my family has been working for generations to give the most demanding palates the best truffles, collected and processed with one goal: to ensure the highest quality, every day of the year.

The harvesting cycles follow the natural succession of the seasons and are sold fresh, frozen, or transformed into sauce or paté.

Contact me personally to request my products or for further information. I am sure he will appreciate the most authentic flavor of truffles and a culinary pleasure he will never forget.


Our Team

The team of il tartufo di Paolo today is the last phase of a long love story between me and the truffle.