In this green heart of Italy that is Umbria, a region famous for its rich cultural heritage, our family works with passion to collect and process the best truffles to guarantee quality, freshness and authenticity. Precisely as testimony to this trinomial it is possible to organize truffle hunting. We will welcome you to the company and our most faithful truffle hunter will accompany you on this exciting adventure with dogs to discover truffles.

The Umbrian truffle hunt will begin in one of our truffle grounds near the company and the experience will continue with a nature walk to the village of San Giovanni, a small fortified center of early medieval origin, dug into the pink stone of Mount Subasio, located approximately 630 meters above sea level.

At your discretion, a delicious lunch awaits you in the village, indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather; you can enjoy a truffle appetizer and a truffle first course, depending on seasonal availability, all accompanied by an excellent wine. The duration of the hunt is on average about 2 hours without lunch, 4 with lunch.

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