Influenced and guided by the history we have behind us, we offer an articulated range of products of the highest quality.

In Umbria, we have been dealing with the collection and sale of fresh truffles for more than two generations.

Today, Il Tartufo di Paolo is a modern farm, an excellence of Made in Italy that aims with its ancient values and tradition at new and futuristic goals.

The Family

We are a family that works with love, dedication and attention to detail. A family that has been able to pass on its secrets from father to son. Dedicated to the care and improvement of production capacities. Our collaborators are all a bit part of the family even if they do not bear the same surname.

The Tradition

Harvesting tradition: the result of a network of connections built over a long period of time and with tireless commitment. Tradition in the choice of the best fruits of the forest to be allocated to important chefs and chains. The Tradition of people who have always known recipes and secrets to best preserve truffles and offer them to enthusiasts for the most important occasions.


Respect for nature, for the forest, for the people who have always worked with us and continue to do so with faith, love and respect. Respect for suppliers, customers, all those who revolve around the world of this artisan company which is Paolo’s Truffle, in the Umbrian heart of Italy